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How do I Get a Medical Marijuana Card in NY?

Getting a medical marijuana card in New York has never been simpler or easier! All you have to do is have your physician provide you with certification. Then you can start using medical cannabis in the state right away.

Quick Med Cards makes it easy to access medical marijuana in NY in the most cost-effective way. Follow the steps below to experience the health benefits of MMJ in New York today.

  1. Book an appointment with one of our medical marijuana doctors in NYS.
  2. Attend your marijuana evaluation online via video call. It takes 15 minutes or less.
  3. Our physician will certify you for medicinal cannabis if they agree it will improve your health.
  4. Get your medical marijuana certification. (It will include your Registry ID, so you do not need a med card.)
  5. You can now buy medical marijuana from any dispensary in New York.

Renewing your NY medical marijuana card is just as simple. All you have to do is book an appointment with one of our physicians before your certification expires. If the cannabis doctor deems it necessary, they will renew your certification, enabling you to continue using medical marijuana in New York.


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Our dedicated team is here for you every day of the week, ensuring you get the support and services you need, whenever you need them. Count on us for reliable assistance, seven days a week.


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Get certified online for your medical marijuana card in most states. Our streamlined process connects you with licensed doctors, providing convenient and secure approval from the comfort of your home. Fast, easy, and reliable, our online solution ensures you get the care you need without the hassle.


Get Approved

Once your appointment is complete, you can obtain your medical marijuana card. Our straightforward process ensures that, after approval, you'll receive your card promptly. Simple and efficient, helping you access the care you need.